Preneur Creations Ultimate Gift Set
Preneur Creations Ultimate Gift Set
Preneur Creations Ultimate Gift Set
Preneur Creations Ultimate Gift Set
Preneur Creations Ultimate Gift Set
Preneur Creations Ultimate Gift Set
Preneur Creations Ultimate Gift Set
Preneur Creations Ultimate Gift Set
Preneur Creations Ultimate Gift Set
Preneur Creations Ultimate Gift Set

Preneur Creations Ultimate Gift Set

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Product Details
As a visionary entrepreneur, your head is full of ideasto-dos, and project tasks all wrapped up in a million other thoughts

With so much going on and other thousand things (emails, phone calls, social media, meetings,..etc) that needs your attention everyday, it is almost impossible to stay organized and get things done. 

With the amount on your plate, you can’t manage it all in your head. In fact researches shows that your brain only can handle three to five things at once. 

This simply leads to stress, overwhelm and anxiety because you won’t be able to remember everything and function at our peak.

It is time to cut through this mental clutter and get things done with The PrenuerCreations Daily Producitivity Planner Set. 
This was me a year ago, after resigning from my full time job,  as an entrepreneur I was very excited to be my own boss accomplish many things. I had many brands, websites, and thousand brilliant ideas to work on. 

I enrolled in many online courses, that I expected to earn additional income. But I started getting  overwhelmed, stressful or distracted.

I was desperate for something to help me get back on track and get things done daily.

Everything I found on the market made me 
choose one over the others … 

So I created what I needed.

The Prenuercreations Daily Productivity Set is like no other. This isn’t a blank notebook that leaves you with no plan or structure.

It combines "Do It Today" daily productivity planner + Lined notepad Matching Blue Pen + elegant refillable portfolio, all in one place.  
It helps you to stay on track on your goalsaccomplish moreget more time back in your day and plan to do more of what you love.

The Prenuercreations Daily Productivity Set will be your daily companion that will keep you focused, organized, and get more things done every daySo that you can crush your goalsbe happy during the day as you cross things off your plate and achieve financially freedom.

You have no longer have to keep up with the huge planners that comes with many pages that needs another book to explain how to use it. 

✅  Keeps it All Together; 
Preneurcreations Portfolio Set keeps your notepad, planner and pen with a convenient size (9x7 inch) and half the thickness of standard zipper portfolios so that you can just drop in your backpack or purse and take it with you on the go and never miss a brilliant idea that will make you a fortune fly away your head.

Has magnetic flap so that can keep your planner, pen, and business cards safe and with you all the time. 

 List, Prioritize and Avoid Overwhelm; 
Includes To do list portion so that you can list your daily, business, personal or school tasks that you need to get done for the day, and cross them out with pleasure.

Set up your priorities at Top Three sections so that before your day even started, you already know what's most important to accomplish so that you don't get overwhelmed. 

 Daily Schedule, Time Blocks & Turning of the Distractions
By scheduling every minute of your day you not only guard against distraction but also multiply your focus. 

Create time blocks, power hours or proactive zones for your daily goals, to dos, meetings so that you can focus and crush your business and personal goals each and everyday.
Double Your Results Output in 30 days or Your Money Back
  • Try out PreneurCreations Daily Producitvity Set  for 30 days 100% risk-free. 
  • ​If you don’t feel like you doubled your productivity (at least!) then email us within the first 30 days and we’ll promptly refund your payment in full.

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